About Us

Some endeavors not only aspire to walk on a different path but actually go ahead. Dheeman diamonds is one of them. Being the largest diamond mounting Company in India and the first to acquire ISO certification from the U.K. is testimony to it. Commitment to quality, exclusivity and the never-say-die attitude is what has catapulted us to the top. Our priority is to constantly innovate and create; and that's what has chiseled us into being the ultimate and attain the highest standards of excellence in the diamond mounting industry.

Dheeman Diamonds is synonymous with diamond jewelry of breath-taking beauty, elegance and style. We pride ourselves for stocking the most artistic and tasteful western and traditional diamond mounting jewelry in 18K and 14K. We have a wide array of necklaces, bangles, bracelets, earrings, rings, pendant sets and other jewelry articles. We also specialize in exclusive CAD CAM designs in rings, pendants, necklaces, bangles and various fancy ornaments. This year we are launching a new attraction, the Hong Kong jewelry. We are excited to introduce micro and taper buggets,rings, tops, pendent sets and more in Hong Kong jewelry. Don't miss it !

We have dedicated ourselves passionately to this field and have plunged really deep into it. Which is why it's not just diamonds and jewelry that we offer. We also provide expert labour setting jobs for diamond jewelry if you ever need them. We heartily invite and support your jewelry designs in 14K and 18K. Besides,if there's anything you feel we can commence together for furthering prospects in this field, just contact us and we'll work it out. Our quest for excellence has won us immense appreciation and trust among our clients across 41 cities and overseas. We aspire to outdo ourselves in whatever we have achieved so far. We are indeed going from strength to strength, and the only way for us to move is upwards. Please feel free to contact us.